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What's my car worth today?

If you are wanting to trade in your vehicle, there are a few things that can hurt as well as help the value of your vehicle. Keep these things in mind before you come in to get your vehicle appraised:

Things that hurt your vehicles value:

· If there was hail damage in the past…. Did you make a claim? If so how much? ½ of the value of the claim is deducted off the vehicle when it is being appraised

· Any accidents that are found on the CarProof

· Smoking in your vehicle

· A broken/dinged windshield

· Tires that have equal to or less than 4/32nds of an inch of tread, they will need to be replaced

· Body work dents and dings

· Extremely dirty interior

· Aftermarket accessories do not increase vehicle value

· Aftermarket chips can void your vehicles warranty

· High kilometres

Things that improve your vehicles value:

· Bringing any maintenance up to speed

· Having records of maintenance and service

· Having your vehicle clean and tidy- a clean truck subconsciously increases value during the appraisal process

· Repairing any hail damage

· Repairing dings and body dents

· Having a second set of tires and rims (ex. Summer and Winter set)

· Having 2 sets of keys

· If you have installed aftermarket accessories- keep the stock parts

· Trading in the vehicle before 100,000 kms or warranty is expired

Why Today Is A Good Time to Trade In Your Used Vehicle?

A used car crunch across Canada has put a new spin on how people buy and sell used vehicles. There's a shortage of vehicles between four and seven years old, and if you're driving one, this is the perfect time to trade it in and get an upgrade!

Fill out the form below for your free trade appraisal, and we'll be in touch as quickly as possible to get you the best premium for your used vehicle.