“Hi Dave and Chad,
So I have put about 5,000km on the Avalanche in the last 2 weeks, and I’m really happy with it. Thanks for your effort guys. Hopefully you can put my letter up on your website so others will know what a great experience I have had dealing with you guys.

I first called Dave in February about an ’06 Avalanche, mainly because it was a very good price. He provided me with all the information I requested about the vehicle and it all sounded good. However I live in Winnipeg and was very hesitant to purchase a vehicle sight unseen. I called again in March, and it was still there. This time, Dave faxed me several pages including the vehicle’s maintenace history, purchase records, etc. Again, everything looked good. So good in fact that I decided to fly out to see in person if the vehicle really was as good as Dave was describing. If it was, then I would purchase it right there, and drive back to Winnipeg. Finally at the end of March I did just that. Through numerous phone calls with Dave (who suggested phoning me back to avoid my paying long distance) I felt no apprehension in buying a 1 way plane ticket.

When I got there, the truck was waiting, and it was excellent. In fact, not only did it appear precisely as was described, I would say that it might have been in even better condition. All the required paperwork was already complete, just waiting for me to sign. While Dave and I went over the details, Chad ran to get my registration. This preparedness allowed my correspondence with my insurance company in Winnipeg to go perfectly smooth.

The service that these guys provide was exceptional. The vehicle was exactly as described. The price was very good, to the point that I saved a lot of money by flying there and driving back, including all gas and hotel. There were numerous small considerations and details that demonstrated a high level of professionalism. I highly recommend them for their honesty, product and service. It was such a positive experience that my next vehicle search will start by contacting Dave. Thanks again guys.”